Our team will help your company become known as an employer of choice— Because motivated employees are innovative employees.



One size never fits all. That’s why Reworking uses its evidence based methodology combining organizational and leadership development best practices with design thinking to uncover the pain points blocking your way, thus leading to increased engagement, higher productivity and enhanced innovation.


If every company is different, it’s no surprise that each team is as well. Reworking’s experienced researchers can help you understand what your employees think as well as what they need to improve engagement. At Reworking, our teams can create custom surveys and reports on every from comprehensive employee engagement to specific questions on key pain points, such as flexible work and family friendly support, among others.


Training is key to changing culture. At Reworking, we design and facilitate programs to foster holistic change throughout your organization. Participants gain new insights and actionable skills to improve performance, collaboration and social intelligence. We show your workforce how to make their work lives work for them and how to innovate together. 

PR & Thought LeadershIP

Establishing your company as an employer of choice boosts recruitment and internal engagement. Let us help you tell the story of your work-life leadership through: public relations, case studies and external events. 

Partnership Development 

We make connections to build lasting, strategic partnership programs that benefit all parties involved. At Reworking, we have created a deep alliance of partners to serve your company’s most pressing employee pipeline needs, including recruitment, employee and new parent support, tracking and coaching.


Internal communications is key to becoming an employer of choice. We work with our clients to create a custom communications plan offering digital/social/video content covering company cultural news and issues, print content to express company culture, on-site culture events targeting specific employee groups.


Today multicultural communities including Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans and the LGBTQ community represent 40 percent of the U.S. population, while Millennials represent 60 percent. Companies that understand how to connect and converse authentically with these growing communities will be the ones ready for future growth. We offer deep expertise in consumer brand strategy, marketing and product development designed specifically to serve these new markets.